Of a Day in NYC “I’m in town on business for a few days,” he said, “I’m finished for the day.  What are you doing right now?” “Absolutely nothing,” I lied as I smiled, anticipating the possibilities this might present.  Hurricane meets hurricane… “Want to get a drink?  Do you drink?” “Yes, and yes,” I [...]

The Hippies Of Highland Park

There once were, and still are, three girls; my sisters, and me.  We moved to the Park Cities in Dallas, Texas in the spring of 1972.  We were known as the “Hippies of Highland Park.” Mother and Daddy smoked pot, tripped on acid, had millions of dollars, and were larger than life. Ultimately, they were [...]

Escape Outside the Magnolia

My daddy grew up unencumbered by money in the Piney Woods of East Texas in the 1940s and 50s.  There was a small house, a swimmin’ hole, fishin’, and football.  Eventually girls came around as he hit high school and became the star of the football team, he was Mr. All-American. He spent long summer [...]